HQ Magazine – First Edition


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HQ Magazine – First Edition

What’s included in the magazine?
Well, Paul Hanlon took us back through his Edinburgh roots and showed us where he grew up, where he developed his love of football, and where he found out that Hibernian FC wanted to sign him. Alongside this, modern-day legend Lewis Stevenson took a moment to look back on his career and even questioned whether he should go back to his mullet hairstyle!

Elsewhere, Chris Mueller told HQ how his dream of making it as a professional footballer nearly didn’t happen, detailing the battles he went through and the sacrifices he made to achieve his goal. Outside of the current First Team squad, we delved into the business mind of Ronald J Gordon and learnt how he made his money, dug into Ben Kensell’s background, and caught up with some famous faces like Jamie Murray and Tom Kitchin. We won’t give anything else away, but there’s a mix of features that’s sure to pique supporters’ interest!

On the launch of the magazine, Hibernian FC’s Head of Communications Adam Tomlinson said:
“We’re delighted to launch Hibernian Quarterly and truly believe there’s something in it for everyone.

“We launched HQ as we want to be a football club that does things differently in Scotland and by removing the match day programme and replacing it with this quarterly magazine, we believe supporters will gain more of an insight into the workings of their club.

“For me, the mix of athlete-led, business-led, and supporter-led features makes HQ really stand-out, so I hope you enjoy reading the first edition.”

When will the second edition be available?
The second edition of HQ will be published in April.